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with Nettie, my best friend in the whole world

Personalizing at a craft show

At home in my studio

Introducing my new hobby and studio away from home - The PainteR-Pod.


Once Upon a Time, in a land not so far away....

     There lived a teenage girl who was determined to have her own business.  Everyone laughed at her when she said she actually wanted to make a living selling painted slate roofing shingles.  She did what she was supposed to and got her state desk job.  While it wasn't a bad job, her heart was just never in it.  Ever.  So one day she painted some kitchen designs for her Aunt's co-workers at the DMV.   The rest was history - she made more than her weekly paycheck at her first craft fair (how, she still doesn't know when she looks back at pictures!) You won't find any fancy degrees or artschools in her past - just great high school art teachers.

     Year after year, her business grew until she finally retired from her state job in her 30's.  Despite the doubters, she purchased her own small horse farm at 29, the business continued to grow, and she tried to encourage other artists/craftsmen to follow their dreams and "just do it" because "you are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfull it". (yes, that was a quote from the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy, Jack Canfield, as is the quote below, I believe).

     She is me; and I love what I do.  I love the painting, I love the old slates off of old buildings, and I love that people pay their good money for the piece of time out of my life that it took to create their personal sign.  I love travelling to different shoreline areas to sell my wares.  I also love the network of artists and craftsmen that I have grown to know, learned from, and become great friends with over the years.   Please know that we are not "drifters" travelling aimlessly from show to show - we are retired bank executives, probate clerks, stock brokers.......who are finally speaking the lanquage of our own souls.

     My horse farm may be gone (too much drama, folks), but ocassionally you will still see a couple horse designs sprinkled in my display for sale, as the love is still there.

     I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love creating each piece for you.

     If I have any purpose in life, I hope this is the vehicle that I am meant to use to say to every even remotely creative person out there........"Don't look to do what the world needs, look to do what you love; because the world needs people who are doing what they love".



Special thanks to my mom for bringing home a painted slate welcome sign from Mrs. Trinks from East Hartford, and to my dad for knowing where to find a little old pile of roofing slates for me to try my hand at - some thirty years ago.



SINCE 1988




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